Monday, August 18, 2014

Dance Like the Stars

In April, I was asked to volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club.  I never say no, so I said sure.  I was thinking it was a bake sale/summer camp kinda gig.  It was not, in any way, shape, or form one of those.  I agreed and signed a contract stating that this volunteering would be in the form of fundraising and dancing.  In April I signed on the dotted line to raise $7,500 and go to 25 professionally led ballroom dance lessons.  At the completion of these lessons I would perform at the Dance Like the Stars Event and that I would make all public appearances needed to publicize the event.  
In May I began fundraising, and I will say I didn't give it my all.  I took a day off work, but when it comes down to it, fundraising isn't fun.  Its hard and people say no, or come back later, or just give you the run around.  By June I had raised just over $5,000.  I prayed to meet my contractual goal and went on about my summer of work, summer school, and dance practices.  The third week of July I got a text from the event coordinator urging me to really get after my fundraising so I could be proud of my effort.  I was not happy.  I wasn't having fun anymore and the three days of vacation I took, were spent stuffing envelopes.  
Now in the midst of the fundraising heck I had gotten myself into, it was getting to be just about the time for dance lesson critiques by none other than Ms. Rubye Del, the owner of the studio.  Yeah those started out as fun, the first time it was no biggie, the second time the nicest thing she had to say was my shoes looked good on my feet, and by the third time it was almost over so it was just small adjustments. So just as school was starting lessons went to the three nights a week, Cullen was over Daddy Daycare and my inlaws I'm sure were feeling super abused by how much they were helping out.  Add in Jett coming down with Hand Foot Mouth the week of the event, and wow I was almost at my limit.  
The week of practices, rehersals, and the day of was only possible by me having a dream team of support.  No lie, my mom watched Jett when he was sick, Cullen's grandmother came through so we could both work.  The weekend of the event, Jett went through some sitters.  My sweet friend Ms. Pam applied my tan, the hair and makeup gals did a fantastic job, and my little cousins came through in a big way for teenagers.  
It was my Uncle Wayne's birthday, and he was a good sport about spending it at a ballroom dancing competition.  I had more supporters than I expected.  I tried to make a list after the fact and think I counted about 80 people there to cheer me on.

I was never more glad for it to be over, but woke up kinda missing having a schedule on Sunday morning.  I raised 22,222.22 for the Oxford Boys and Girls Club.  I learned to Cha Cha and I never want to hear My Love by Justin Timberlake again.  My sweet dance partner was precious, he was a 21 year old State fan.  He was more excited for school to start back I think than for the event.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back to School

Another school year has begun.  This will be my first year without my friend, Tiffany right next to me.  She's moved on to bigger better things as a Sped Director, and I'm loving my new home at the Upper Elementary.
Old habits die hard and she was quick to open doors for car riders the first day of school.  I also went on the first home visit of the year with our SRO.

Some of the teachers from the Lower have come to visit and of course take selfies, and I'm learning to direct traffic.  

Jett Boy's schedule hasn't changed a bit, since he went to the sitter all summer and Cullen is continuing his workout routine.  So really life hasn't really changed that much for us, just busier than ever. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

First Things First

This kid loves a train.  It used to be that when he first woke up he would want to be loved on and cuddled with.  Now he wants his trains, his show on and some milk.  I've been displaced.

Saturday morning, he wanted to sit amongst his tracks and play.  Stopping for a picture seemed to put him out.  

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hernando Sleep Over

My precious friend, Kelsey, has moved into her own place, she has begun her first teaching job, and she has now had her first house guests.  We couldn't wait to go see her new place and stay the night.  
Her house was like a picture from Better Homes and Gardens.  I've never been so in awe with all of her collections.  Everything had a perfect place.
We couldn't make a stop in Hernando with out the dip.  It was WONDERFUL.  
We walked and went sight seeing.  We loved the homes, the selfies, and the company.
My view the morning we left.  It was the perfect home, comfy, inviting, and the hospitality was epic.  Great night away from the chaos of the coming school year.  

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