Wednesday, May 20, 2015


We are barely surviving May! Our sitters have been sick, school is in testing mode, I'm teaching a night class, and Cullen's work is super busy. The Pollards are making it but it is day by day! Our systems are loaded with caffeine and we are pushing through!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Leadership Now 2015

By a stroke of good fortune my district sent a colleague and me to the Leadership Now conference in Las Vegas. In an even greater stroke of luck we were able to snap a picture with the Legend, Rick Dufour. He's the guy who started the idea of professional learning communities. He has written a gazillion books and has made a fortune on promoting his ideas on effective instructional practices. I was in awe!

Sunday, April 26, 2015


These two have been friends for 45 years. They met as freshmen at IJC. I spent a lot of my time at Ms Dianne's house growing up. I've heard most of the stories a million times but it's always fun to hear them again. They pick up right where they leave off. We met for coffee and coffee talk last night and even Jett enjoyed himself when he was able to play outside.

Too Much Fun

Jett had to join me at the School of Education Friday afternoon. I've lived most of the last decade in this building and I take for granted how many never have the same opportunity. I've seen so many professors come and go, administrative assistants, the same. Jett found each and every staircase and we traveled each one! He loved the SOE!

Anna's Shower

My baby cousin is having a baby. The ladies of LES showered her with the most precious gifts. I love these ladies at this school and they loved on this sweet family yet again.

Just the Corners

Every artist has their own artistic style. Jett Boy decided while I was painting he needed to as well. I set him up a little station and he turned out to be a little demanding. He needed more paint, more paper, and certain colors.
For reasons unknown he only painted the right side lower corners of his paper.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Small Town

I love living in Pontotoc for the very reason of getting texts like these this morning. A sweet friend, sent me this today. Thursday's are tough this semester since I have class until 9:30 so to get a text letting me know my boys make it fine while I'm away does my heart good!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Family Easter Pic 2015

The Celebration of Service

This sweet friend, Brian Buckhalter, nominated me on the sly for the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award for Service.  It was a surprise to be chosen as a finalist.  I along with one other student, Sarah Ball, were finalist and the student award was given to D.T. Shackleford.  
 My mom was unable to make it to the event, and my dear friend, Tiffany, came as a stand in.  I cried when they read his nomination.  I was floored that anyone would see such things in me.

 The chancellor was on hand to receive an award and also present them.

It was a great day and an honor to be part of the ceremony.  
A great surprise was to have two of my favorite professors in the crowd.  Dr. Moore and Dr. Mac came to see me get recognized. I love these two ladies and truly their model for service to others has been one of my greatest influences.